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Lucy Hubbard

Bulking Booty Program

Bulking Booty Program

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Bulking Booty Program is a 16 week training and nutritional guide (65 pages)

This program will take you help you reach your goals through a bulk. In order to achieve the muscle size and shape you desire.

I have broken down how to complete a bulk step by step in this program:) Lots of love I know you will be successful. 

•Leg focused Workout Program including 4 Leg Days
•2 Upper Body days per week
•Strength and Conditioning with Cardio & Core 
•Macro Nutrient breakdown
•Full Vitamin guidance
•Supplements and what they do
•My Exact Meal Plan & how to create your own

Total of 5-6 workouts a week. 60-90 minutes each 

Once you purchase, you will receive a confirmation email and a digital download email. You’ll get a PDF file that allows you to view the guide on all your devices. Make sure to download your guide. The PDF is 65 pages. 

Access to gym equipment is required for this program. No refunds. 

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